The college basketball is drawing to a close and that means, in the next few months, a champion will take the coveted prize. Sixty-four teams have qualified for consideration, but in the end, only four will remain. Regular venues are sold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get Final Four tickets. I find it a bit ironic though. We, as human beings, are so quick to throw in a dollar or two for scratch-off tickets or join in on the Gambling Pool, which are all clearly winnings by chance. The statistics are out there that show how unlikely it is that you will actually be the winner. But we do it anyway. We throw a few bucks at it and hope for a miracle. What we don’t put our money on though is our faith. So many people can write-off Christianity as an ancient system of beliefs that is no longer applicable today. Yet, when presented with the facts, the likelihood that the Bible is true and God is who He says He is, it’s more than just chance. March madness statistics is the only way you can accurately make predictions. First thing that you look at will the how efficient a player is. How he is during practice and how he plays the game is important. Is he an offensive or defensive player? Does he play smart or just aggressive? Next thing that you have to look at will be the efficiency of the entire team. How many games have they played and how many did they win and lose? Look at team statistics and win-loss records. How many injured players are there in the team? How injured are they? Can they recuperate in time? These information will also be necessary when betting and choosing picks and if you have your March madness statistics, this will be very, very easy. This past week, I survived with Tennessee, as the Titans pulled out a 20-17 win with a 99-yard drive that ended with a touchdown on 4th-and-10 on the final play of the game. At first glance it may seem that I was fortunate to win this week, but the final score was not indicative of how much Tennessee controlled the game. Friday’s matchup has Tennessee versus Ohio State and Northern Iowa versus Michigan State in St. Louis. In Houston, Baylor goes head to head with St. Mary’s and Purdue takes on Duke. Judi Togel kicks into overdrive this weekend as the winners advance into the Final Four matchups going into the championship game next weekend. Yahoo! Sports has their 2009 NCAA tournament challenge located here. It’s called the “Tourney Pick ‘Em ’09” challenge. If you pick all of the games correctly on Yahoo! You could win a grand prize of $1,000,000. With all this in mind and a firm understanding of how to fill out the bracket it should be quite easy for anyone to dominate with their predictions in March.

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