Big Mind Theory, Part 1 Of 3

One of the coolest New Year’s Celebrations of any culture on Earth has to be that of the Hmong People. This celebration goes on for several days and has so many components that it would be easy for someone to forget them all, if they had not lived them. You should study up on the Hmong New Year’s Celebrations! Of course, this is only one of many customs that the culture is known for.

From one perspective, my article makes conventional physicists look like ‘a bunch of idiots and conmen’ for promulgating an incorrect theory for 100 years. This is what convention’s trying to avoid by ‘auto deleting’ the article.

So develop every aspect of yourself: ” Jesus grew in wisdom(mind) and stature(body), and in favor with God(spiritual) and men(social)” (Luke 2:52, NIV).

I had just about recovered from the surprise and awe surrounding that first message from Michael. Then messages about my pioneering work with Mayan space news started to come thick and fast through Debra. It became clear that I had an important role to play in bringing a new, refreshing interpretation of the Mayan Calendar to the world. I had already felt this, and the new confirmation was inspiring and empowering. Yet I had no idea what form this was going to take.

Hundreds of years ago, even Western society took a hard line against people who transgressed. The philosopher Michel Foucault however, points out that it was only relatively recently that Western society gave up the idea that the best approach could be punishment by an eye for an eye. And this change in society’s direction was caused by a growing understanding about how to institutionalise people-in schools and hospitals then the idea progressed to the advent of prisons.

The most poignant moment in the movie is the confrontation between Anna and Samantha. The two women appear to be life partners and have a child together. The blood test has revealed the birth mother to be an ascendant but the daughter and wife are mere biomasses, that is, not among the chosen. The mom coldly turns her back on the lesser flesh and blood.

I have to go now because I have a quantum funnel in the garage and I’m going to scoop up some of that dark energy and put it into the gas tank of my Toyota Sienna.

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